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The Story About the Story series

Writers and critics have always approached writing about reading differently.  Most of us are familiar with the latter group: the theoretical critical enterprise that has resulted in the five-paragraph essay with which all high school students are inoculated against the effects of good books.  The Story About the Story series suggests an alternative: the writers' methodology.  Writers have always approached writing about reading from an intensely personal perspective, incorporating their pasts and their passions into their process of interpretation.  The many essays compiled in these volumes suggest an unidentified school of "creative criticism," and a possible future for how we write about reading.

The Hospital for Bad Poets

The Story About the Story series offers lessons from a remarkable range of celebrated authors that amount to an invaluable course on both how to write and read well.  These essays are by turns poignant, smart, suggestive, intellectual, funny, sassy, scathing, laudatory, wistful, and hopeful -- and above all deeply engaged in what Emerson called “creative reading.”

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The Story about the Story
The Story about the Story
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