“[A] fleet, beautiful little book…J.C. Hallman immerses himself in the complete extant correspondence of the James brothers to tell a new tale.” 3 Quarks Daily

“The letters themselves are compelling, but Hallman’s eloquent analysis of their subtext and the brothers’ changing relationship over the years makes this an indispensable read.” Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

“The collection is illuminating…but Hallman is equally adept at commenting on the letters himself…Wm & H’ry [is] an outstanding overview of the voluminous correspondence.” Foreword Reviews

“Hallman has a conversational tone that avoids cant…a readable treatment.” Kirkus Reviews

“Hallman has concentrated an expansive correspondence into some key themes that shed light on the brothers’ individual work and worldviews as well as the ways in which they influenced one another.” Cedar Rapids Gazette

“A handsome little book…Hallman shows us just how much our written communication lacks not only gravitas but what he refers to as ‘human frailty and warmth.'” New Pages

“Hallman shows that William was a perceptively critical reader of his brother’s work and that Henry’s fiction bears the mark of William’s writings on consciousness…this is an engaging volume” Library Journal

“I am the last to rob you of your pleasure with this slim volume, but I am here to tell you that….there are some ravishing passages here, and not all of them from the brothers.” The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

“Hallman describes, with some humor, his experience of reading William James’s letters, and the path that lead him to Wm & H’ry…[the book is] an entertaining testimonial to how consuming the experience of reading other peoples’ letters can be.” American Book Review

“The…book does a remarkable job of compressing this correspondence into relatively few pages, nearly all of them offering insight into William and Henry’s symbiotic relationship.” Santa Barbara Independent